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March 2018

Your electrical calibration instrument may be out of service. Trade in your old unit now !

Benefit from Fluke’s unique offer to trade in your older outdated calibration equipment (whatever brand you own) against an equivalent new generation Fluke Calibration product. Send in your existing calibrator and save up to 20% on a new unit.

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Video: Calibrate tri-clamp sensors with 4x more calibration throughput and 2x the accuracy

This video demonstrates how to calibrate four tri-clamp or sanitary sensors at once, quadrupling throughput with twice the accuracy of other solutions.

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Compare humidity generators, make the best choice

Making accurate humidity measurements can prevent expensive product spoilage in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductors, chemicals, and food production. To choose the best humidity generator for your application, compare the available solutions.

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Purchase a 2271A Pressure Calibrator and get a free Pressure Module

Till the end of March, when you purchase a 2271A and at least one PM200 pressure measurement module, you get a free PM200 module, whatever the range. The 2271A enables you to install two modules with different measurement ranges within the same chassis, so you can purchase modules to match your current workload now or later.
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Live webinar: How to Create an Infrared Thermometer Uncertainty Budget

Join us on March 14 to learn about uncertainty associated with infrared (IR) thermometer calibration. We’ll follow the guidelines set forth for uncertainty estimation in ASTM E2847 and show how to calculate each of the uncertainties listed in the standard.

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