Come home safe with Fluke

Working safely while making measurements is not rocket science. It’s a simple combination: Careful planning, safe practices according to your local regulations and using the right tools in the right way.

Fluke offers you the solutions you need to work safely. Discover more with below resources.

How to increase your safety

How Linamar improves safety

In this case study, Linamar Corporation (the second largest auto-parts maker in Canada) calls the wireless tools “a game changer”, because they remove technicians from dangerous energized areas while providing real-time data.

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Mr. Paul Visocky, QA Manager at Everett Engineering

Brainfood for electricians

The Fluke TestGuide is a helpful app for Electricians and Service Technicians in the field. In this app you find support for the most common measurements (e.g. RCD testing and measuring insulation). The TestGuide app shows in short and clear steps what the actions are, what to look at and how to interpret the results.
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