How-To Tip

Testing FieldSense on the T6 with the PRV240FS Proving Unit

  1. Switch the PRV240FS proving unit into FieldSense mode.
  2. Slide switch to FieldSense position.

  3. Dock the black test lead. Place and hold finger on the FieldSense ground contact on the back of the T6.
  4. Securely dock both probes, place one finger on contact patch.

  5. Place the T6 in position on the PRV240FS. Press and hold the silver ‘Finger Ground Contact’ button.
  6. Slide open fork over center pylon. Place finger from other hand on Contact button.

  7. A green LED will illuminate on the PRV240FS and the T6 should read approximately 240 V.
  8. Green LED lights up. T6 shows about 240 V ac.

Don't forget:

  • Using the PRV240FS satisfies the three point test.
  • VoltAlert devices such as the 1AC or 2AC can also be verified using the same procedure.*
  • The PRV240FS can also verify other devices with test leads by sourcing ac or dc voltage at the contact points.
  • All PRV240FS units are shipped with a TPAK magnetic hanger.
  • PRV240FS units will turn off automatically after 10 seconds.

*Note that low voltage detection devices such as the 1LAC, which have a maximum voltage below 240 V, cannot be verified by the PRV240FS.

Proper use of the PRV240FS Proving Unit