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The NEW Fluke T6 is the perfect “all-in-one” tool for troubleshooting, maintenance and service.

Measure voltage and current in 1 step without metal contact.

You can’t measure voltage without test leads

The new Fluke T6 1000 Electrical Tester
Be safer

Be safer

Measure voltage to 1000 V AC through the open fork, without test leads.

be faster

Be faster

No need to open covers or remove wire nuts.

be more efficient

Be more efficient

Simultaneously measure voltage and current.

be everywhere

Be everywhere

17.8 mm open fork is the widest in the industry; measure up to 200 A on 120 mm2.


We know working in electrical boxes jammed with wires can be challenging when you’re trying to find a safe metallic contact point.

FieldSense technology

FieldSense technology

Now, with Fluke’s FieldSense technology, you can quickly and easily take measurements by sliding the open fork over a conductor to see the voltage level without the need for test leads*.

*Requires capacitive path to ground, provided through user in most applications. Ground connection via test lead may be required in some situations
How to use your new Fluke T6

How to use your new Fluke T6

Learn how to use your new T6 with revolutionary “Field Sense” technology and get the best of your tester. Here are some hints to keep in mind when using it. Measure voltage and current at the same time.

Download the free App

Fluke Test Guide App

Download the app and find support for the most common measurements in the field. It shows you in short and clear steps what the actions are, what to look at and how to interpret results.*

*Content available in English, German and French.

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Get in touch with your local Fluke distributor for prices, a quotation or to purchase your Fluke T6 electrical tester. They can also provide you with information about warranty, traceability, calibration, repair and self-maintenance.

Why Fluke

With 70 years of experience in providing testing and troubleshooting solutions in manufacturing and service industries, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Each Fluke Electrical Tester is built without compromise to the Fluke standard of portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality.

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