Metrology is central to improving chemical processes and understanding how they are performing. From pre-treating raw materials, converting them with a reactor, cracker or kiln, to mixing and purification, you need accurate and consistent measurement tools. And they must be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of demanding chemical processing environments.

Whatever your role onsite, Fluke has the handheld tools you need, backed by experienced specialists online who are ready to advise you about best practices.

If you’re keen to boost your knowledge on chemical processing metrology, download the guide most relevant to you or let us know you’d like to talk to a Fluke specialist. We will contact you.

Issues faced:
  • Ensuring uptime is continuous and predictable
  • Safety of personnel and the environment
  • Maintaining high product quality
  • Staying within budget
Download “Applying handheld test tools to preventive maintenance” >
Issues faced:
  • Preventive maintenance and asset uptime
  • Root cause analysis to prevent future failures
  • Troubleshooting emergent issues
Download “Find hot bearings fast with a high resolution infrared camera” >
Issues faced:
  • Preventing downtime
  • Safety systems testing
  • Calibration of flow instruments
  • Providing immediate response and repair during process interruptions
Download “Understanding specifications for process calibrators” >
Issues faced:
  • Delivering efficient, consistent and quality power from utility or generation to process systems
  • Maintaining safety and high energy systems
  • Controlling efficient breakers and motors
Download “The costs of poor power quality” >
Issues faced:
  • Meeting equipment standards and specifications
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Effectiveness of repairs (valve repacking)
  • Assembling machinery
  • Determining optimal machinery placements
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Chemical Plant
Areas where tools can be used to prevent issues: Infrared and vibration tools Process Calibration tools Electrical test tools