Reduce the risk, improve your results when conducting high-voltage insulation tests

The world leading Fluke 1550C and 1555 insulation testers minimize the time you spend around powered equipment, while collecting data with one button push.

Fluke insulation resistance testers now have Fluke Connect capability so you can:

  • Work from a safe distance, using the Fluke Connect wireless app to set parameters, perform tests and collect data on your smart phone
  • Select Ramp, PI, DAR and basic insulation tests
  • CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V safety rated
  • See trending graphs in real-time, create reports, with Fluke Connect app
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1. Remote configuration and operation

Get faster testing and increased safety through remote configuration and test setup, remote start/stop and remote data download.

Using a smartphone, the Fluke Connect app lets you quickly and accurately set:

  • Test voltage
  • Ramp test selection
  • Time limit (duration) for the test
  • Measure polarization index (PI)
  • Measure dielectric absorption ratio (DAR or DAR[CN])
  • Measure capacitance

Once the tester is configured, you can start and stop the test remotely, a safe distance away from any operating, energized equipment.

Remote configuration and operation

2. Real time trending

Gives you easy-to-see visual cues, rather than hard to read, rapidly changing values.

This ramp test could be difficult to interpret. But by using Fluke Connect, you can easily see:

  1. A ramp test was chosen.
  2. An ending test voltage of 2500 V was chosen.
  3. The test has run for 28 seconds.
  4. The current, instantaneous resistance measurement is 998.4 GΩ.
  5. The test voltage has been ramping upwards.
  6. During that time, the measured resistance has been increasing slowly, showing a successful test.
Real time trending

3. Report creation using Fluke Connect desktop

Saves time and makes test results easier to understand.

Transfer data wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or PC. No more hand-written notes. Includes details such as:

  • Setup parameters
  • Location
  • Technician's name
  • Serial number for the unit under test
  • Ambient test conditions
  • Include the full data table with a simple drag and drop motion
  • Show graphs of test results without separate calculations
Insulation test report