Save now with hot deals on thermal tools

GET A FREE clamp meter
Get the Ti200 or TiS75 thermal imager and a FREE 376FC
Model Item # GBP
FLK-TI200 9HZ/3776FC 4752763 £3,395.00
FLK-TiS75 9HZ/376FC 4965989 £3,395.00
Save on the TiS20 thermal imager
  • Fixed focus infrared camera with 120x90 resolution
  • Isolate issues quicker with IR Fusion® image blending technology
  • Easily share and edit images wirelessly with Fluke Connect®

£1295 £1229
Get a FREE lens
Buy a Ti200, Ti 300, Ti 400, or Ti450 thermal imager, and get a free telephoto or wide angle lens.
  • Maintain a safe distance from your target with a telephoto lens
  • Expand your field of view to see more detail with a wide angle lens
Model Item # GBP
FLK-TI450 9HZ/T2 4828771 £6,395.00
FLK-TI400 9HZ/T2 4611388 £5,695.00
FLK-TI300 9HZ/T2 4611395 £4,695.00
FLK-TI200 9HZ/T2 4611407 £4,295.00
FLK-TI450 9HZ/W2 4828780 £6,395.00
FLK-TI400 9HZ/W2 4611418 £5,695.00
FLK-TI300 9HZ/W2 4611429 £4,695.00
FLK-TI200 9HZ/W2 4611434 £4,295.00

This promotion is open to purchases made at Fluke’s authorized distributors only. The temporary promotional price discounts on selected models is in addition to normal list price discount applicable to distributor. Distributor must pass the full benefit of the temporary promotional price discount available from Fluke to their customers, but are free to offer further discounts on prices to their customers. Distributor is not allowed to sell to customers outside EEA and Switzerland. Offer not available in conjunction with any other special offer or promotion. Fluke reserves the right to change the program rules at any time, without prior notice. Offers are valid until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last.