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Ensure your electric motors comply with ISO 50001 by checking their efficiency

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Electrical Power Training Program

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Detect power quality issues and energy waste

We offer 3 simple steps which can help you understand, detect and solve potential energy issues which can be related to poor power quality.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy is a critical issue for facilities around the world. Undiscovered and uncorrected energy waste represents tremendous savings. The resources provided in this Energy Efficiency Solution Center will help you use measurement data to support the decisions and actions that reduce energy consumption, while increasing energy efficiency.

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I saved you £60,000 last year in energy

“I can go up to my administration and say ‘I saved you £60,000 last year in energy. That’s the equivalent of you having to go out and look for 1,25 million pounds worth of new business.’ It gets their attention.”
York Chan, Facilities Director, Advocate Health Care

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The solution paid back immediately in lower energy costs and energy efficiency incentives

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Bob DeBlaey, Facilities Manager, Figge Art Museum
How others are efficiently using energy